Revision for Summary vs Analysis

Prep: Have Students bring three hard copies of their essay to class; bring coloring stuff

Objective: Help students understand within their own papers the difference between summary and analysis. Also lighten the mood –they’ve been quite somber of late and I want to help them feel better about life


Opening (5 min): WELCOME and prayer 😀

Rush-Write (5 min):

Mid-semester! How is life going? What things have you accomplished? What things have you learned? What are you doing to motivate yourself in the mid-semester slump?

Tell a friend

Big Questions (5 min): How to make my paper longer

            More analysis!!! Deeper analysis!!

            Remind them of the activity outside- they are looking for details.

My paper (15 min)

My peer says that this paper has too much summary and not enough analysis. Get into small groups and decide on two things I could do to make my paragraph stronger.

Each group shares the two things I could do to make paragraph stronger

Write down the suggestions for deeper analysis on the board.

Pull up a highlighted version of your paragraph (sample of the next activity)

Your paper (25 min)

            Divide class into groups –placing strong writers with not so strong

            Have them read two papers.

Both read the intro/ thesis and the conclusion.

Pick a body paragraph and highlight with three different colors– one color for extra, one color for summary, and one color analysis.

Have them write one thing they liked and two things they could to do improve analysis/ go deeper.



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