More Analysis, Less Summary

Objective: Help students understand the level of depth and detail necessary for analysis. Help them understand the difference between summary and analysis. Practice analysis in a variety of mediums.


Opening (5 min): Welcome, prayer, and announcements

Rush-Write (10 min):  

Choose an article from today’s reading. State the argument (claim + reasons), then choose a rhetorical device and analyze your article for it.

Analysis v Summary (5 min): Dig Deeper!! Summary is the “What” and Analysis is the “How”

            Why do you think learning to dig deep/ analyze closely could be important/ useful?

Outside Activity (10 min):

            Go outside. Write down everything you can see as quickly as you can. (3 min)

            Okay, now pick one thing. Write down absolutely everything you can about it (3 min)

            Write down the difference you’ve noticed between summary and analysis (3 min)

Class-wide analysis:

Tide Ad (5 min):

            What are they saying? How are they saying it? Why does it matter?

Small groups analysis:

Isaiah 1:18 (5 min)

            What is God saying? How is He saying it? Why does it matter?

Practice potential paper paragraph format:

            Main rhetorical tool:

            Quoted Specific Example from article:




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