Effective Research Strategies (Maren Nield)

Lesson Prep



(This lesson follows introduction to the conference paper as well as initial topic selection)


Lesson Presentation

(30 Minutes)

Harry Potter Restricted Section Scene:

Now, given that Harry is 11 years old in this scene, we’re not going to judge him too terribly harshly, but as you watch this clip, keep these three questions in mind:

  1. What is effective about Harry’s research strategy?
  2. What is ineffective about Harry’s research strategy?
  3. And what would have made Harry’s research more effective?

*Watch Clip*

Take two minutes to jot down a quick response to these questions.


Hermione ‘Light Reading’:

Now, we’re going to watch a second clip. I want you to respond to the same questions.

*Watch Clip*

Take two minutes to jot down a quick response to these questions.


Discuss questions as a class, write responses on board.


Using the effective research strategies we have discussed as a class, you will now design a research plan for your topic. You must create a detailed expected timeline for your conference paper which will include classroom due dates (e.g. pre-write, outline, annotated bibliography, peer-review rough draft, instructor rough draft, final paper, writing center visits, abstract, etc.). I never want you to feel overwhelmed or incapable during this class, which is why we are starting this unit with a detailed schedule for you to follow.


This is due on Learning Suite before the start of next class.

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