Three ways to add style to your Conference Paper (Katie Johnson)

Lesson Prep

Big Objective: I will guide my students to be engaged, mindful, and purposeful thinkers and writers through the process of writing.

Lesson Objective: Through lecture and practice exercises, students will learn about 4 methods to improve their paper’s style. They will finish with a peer review of their 3 page draft. 

My prep: About Me Sheets, peer review groups, peer review sheets; Google slides

Student prep: Multimodal Learning Contract

Lesson Presentation

Housekeeping (10 Minutes)

  • 5 min: 2 about me sheets
  • Instructor ratings are open: 5 pts. Extra credit for doing it.
  • 5 min: Explain 1st peer review:
    • When to email (monday)
    • When comments are due (Friday) 
    • Go over sheet, explain how to make comments in word and track changes
    • Go over pairings and groups. Go ahead and get with your partner and exchange emails. 

Style Techniques (see slides here)

5 min: Review Old/New Flow: Show paragraph and they work with partner to improve old/new.

10 min: Topic Sentence and Flow

How to make a good topic sentence through old/new (see slides)



Organization: Breaking Things into Two+ Paragraphs

Can you add transition phrases to break this reallllly long paragraph into multiple paragraphs? Can you make the topic sentence flow from one idea to the next?

Overarching Topic: research shows that screen time is detrimental for young children.

Look through it as a class, identifying shifts in the topics. Once those shifts are identified, work in groups of 3 to apply old new information to create flow as you transition from paragraph to paragraph.


Reduce words (10 minutes)


  • Look for nominalizations
  • Look for metadiscourse. Do you need it? Can another phrase work.


Exercise 1: Rewrite the following in as few words as possible. (on slideshow)


Continued Peer Discussion of your 3 pages (or as many as you have) 15 minutes

Look for the moves in these paragraphs or pick your weakest stylistic thing and have it peer checked for that.