Peer Review (Lauren Poet)

Objective: Students will learn how to respond to criticism gracefully and learn the peer review can be an important part of the writing process. Performing peer reviews will allow students to facilitate revision using other student’s papers. Using a guided peer review sheet, students will understand how to focus on global revision rather than merely local issues. The goal is for students to get helpful, positive, and constructive criticism on their papers, and they will practice giving appropriate feedback to their peers.

Teacher Preparation:

  • Decide on groups of two for peer review groups.
  • Print out the “Guided Peer Review” worksheets.

Student Preparation:

  • Bring one revised copy of paper to class today.


Preparation for Learning: (10 minutes)

  • Go through the “Responding to Criticism Gracefully” PPT.
  • Remind students that their paper is different from themselves. Receiving feedback is hard, but can be incredibly useful!


In-Class Learning (40 minutes):

  • Assign students into peer groups and then encourage them to go through the peer review worksheet as they read their partner’s papers.