Paragraphs and Flow (Erica Larsen)

Objective: Help students understand the need for flow within their paper


Opening (5 min): Welcome and Prayer

Discussion (15 min):

  • Why is flow important? What things have you done in the past to help you with flow? 
  • I want you to create a beautiful arc with your papers. Think of your conclusion as the gold at the bottom of the paper
  • Look at the first lines of each of my paragraphs- what do you notice about how I create flow?
  • These principles connect to both paragraph to paragraph and within the paragraph

Personal Work Time (10 min):

  • Look at your paragraphs, and highlight the beginning sentences and create a reverse outline. Only look at the first sentence of each paragraph. How to they flow? Do you notice any gaps in your conversation with your audience? 
  • Next, look at the beginning sentence and the end sentence of each paragraph. Do they connect? Do you understand how you got there? Was it outlined within the paragraph? Feel free to ask your partner for suggestions.

Activity (20 min): 

  • Grab a partner and swap papers. If you are given a hard copy of the paper, cut up each of the paragraphs and mix them up. Put them back in the order that you think they should be in based off of the flow of the rest of the essay.
  • You have 12 min to read and reorganize their paper. After that, I want you to explain why you thought certain paragraphs went where, tell them your favorite paragraph -focusing especially on flow, and give them two specific ideas on how to improve their flow.