On this page you’ll find links and documents from the training week.  These resources are meant to aid your teaching experience. They are not meant to override or supplement the department learning outcomes or policies. 


General Links
Backchannel Chat: Click Here
Daily Schedule: Click Here
Video Training List: Click Here
Required Syllabus Policy Statements: Click Here
Hybrid Teaching Vanderbilt Article: Click Here
Spiral Curriculum: Click Here
FERPA: Click Here
Learning Suite Rubrics Feature: Click Here
Blended Teaching FAQ: Click Here
Powernotes Tutorial: Click Here (see the backchannel for more resources)
Virtual Tour Video:  Click Here
What is Style Academy Video: Click Here

Zoom Recordings
These are raw recordings, so we apologize for any extra delays or dead time. Not everything is recorded, but we managed to capture most of the week.
Monday Part 1: Click Here Passcode: 86d!Y6LX
Monday Part 2: Click Here Passcode: 86d!Y6LX
Tuesday: Click Here Passcode: 86d!Y6LX
Wednesday Part 1: Click Here Passcode: 86d!Y6LX
Wednesday Part 2: Click Here Passcode: 6M1*.X8=
Thursday: Click Here Passcode: DnP?C+2a
Friday: Click Here Passcode: 4Gb=n!2R

Jon and Amy
Student Conferencing: Click Here
Learning Suite Grade Breakdown Example: Click Here
Conference Ideas and Strategies: Click Here
Research Skills Lesson Slides: Click Here
Designing Instruction and Scaffolding Slides: Click Here
Responding to Student Writing Slides: Click Here
Lateral Reading Slides: Click Here

Course Outlines Simplified Document: Click Here
Fall 2020 Syllabus: Click Here
Genre Lesson Video: Click Here

Grade Calculator: Click Here
Lessons: Click Here
Schedule: Click Here

Crafting Sentences with Purpose Lesson Plan: Click Here
Lesson Plan Schedule: Click Here
Lesson Plans and Slides: Click Here
Conventions Lesson Video: Click Here

Teaching Schedules: Click Here
Writing Process Lesson Video: Click Here

Lesson Plans and WIM Group Materials: Click Here

Lesson Plans and Slides: Click Here
Critical Reading Lesson Video: Click Here

Peer Review Handouts and Resources: Click Here

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