Principles of Design (Katie Bullock)

Lesson Prep

Objective: Students will be able to use basic design skills to create a good visual project  

Materials needed: Power point explaining design, examples of poor design, either poster board or supplies for the white board

Assessment:  Class activity/final multi-modal project


Lesson Presentation

Previous lesson/Homework: Finished the conference paper/just back from Thanksgiving break

Rush Write:  Have students take 7 minutes to reflect on their goals for the conference paper, their writing process, and their growth as a writer. Have a couple students share their thoughts with the class.


Prepare for Learning:

Have students rate a couple examples of design (movie posters, power point slide, advertisements, art, etc.) Have them share with a partner which they thought were the best and worst designs. As a class, discuss which examples they felt were good examples and poor examples of design. Make a list of their suggestions on the board.

Show a youtube video that outlines the four basic principles of design (C.R.A.P.). Together, go through a couple examples on a power point and discuss how the creator uses principles of design.

After that, review the elements of design

Ask the class where they see elements of design in the classroom


Guided learning:

For the remainder of the time, divide students into groups of four and give them poor examples of design. Have the students revise the design using the principles and elements we discussed in class. They can either use a poster board for their new design, or diagram it on the white board.



Work on multi-modal project


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