Your Writing Process (Katie Bullock)

Lesson Prep

Objectives: 1) Have students reflect on their own writing processes 2) Have them gain a solid understanding of the writing process 3) Give them experience working through the writing process 4) Set expectations that they will go through this process for their papers 

Materials needed: Homework Assignment, Power Point, Textbook 

Assessment: Discussion and observation during the class activity, homework assignment


Lesson Presentation

Previous lesson/Homework: Read ch. 2, wrote a 1-2 paragraph story on Digital Dialog to workshop in class

Rush Write:  What is your writing process? How have you developed this process? Is it effective or ineffective? Why?

Prepare For Learning:

Discuss the rush write prompt. What are some reasons that we resist, dread, or struggle with the writing process? How can we overcome those challenges?

Discuss the difference between novice writers and advanced writers. Tell them this class is to teach them to be advanced writers.

Guided Learning:

To best understand the writing process, it will be good to practice it. Take a moment to read through your story. Ask yourself questions that will help you plan to make it better. Why did you choose this story? What do you want to accomplish by sharing this story? What is good and what is weak about your story? What are you going to do differently when you rewrite it? Have them brainstorm and answer these questions.

Next, tell them to rewrite their story.

After they rewrite their story, have them get with a partner. Have them read each other’s stories and give feedback. Have their peer tell them what they think the objective of the story is and why. Have the reviewer tell them what else should be in their story to better meet the objective.

After discussing the story with a peer, have them rewrite their paragraph again, paying greater attention to details such as sentence structure, voice, imagery, details, organization, etc.

After this exercise, have a couple students share their stories with the class.

Ask what they learned from the experience about the writing process and how their story changed.


Read through all the versions of your story. Then write a Digital Dialog reflecting on your work thus far. Address Jackson’s reflection notes.

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